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Masters finds out that House wants her as an intern.   She accepts the internship at first, and then is fired after she refuses to turn in a forged log.  Later, she cannot forget about the patient House is treating and returns to help.  House re-hires her when she tells a white lie.  

The patient this episode is a teenager who is trying to sail around the world.  Masters relates to the patient and seemingly applies advice given by the patient to her own life.  It turns out that the patient has cancer requiring amputation of an arm.  The patient insists on sailing before treatment, thus risking her life.   House encourages Masters to color outside the lines to save the patient.   She gives the patient medication that affects her heart and then convinces the parents to sign the consent to amputate the arm.  After the surgery, Masters ultimately decides to leave House and happily exits the hospital.  


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House Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Disgusting beasts. I don't know why I ever agreed to this bet.


House: Nothing will ever be simple again.
Masters: That's fine with me.