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House and Cuddy didn't leave the former's apartment on this season premiere. It picked up at the exact moment last May's finale left off, with Cuddy admitting her love to House, helping to clean him off... and then the pair making serious love.

They spent the rest of the episode talking about the proposed relationship, along with their feelings and, of course, making more love. Cuddy said she loved House, she even kissed his leg, but he didn't reiterate those exact words. At one point, Wilson hilariously tried to break in because he was worried about his friend. But House assured him all was fine and even took him into the bedroom to see he was dating Cuddy now.

But she hid in the closet because she didn't think House was ready to go public with their relationship.

Near the end of the episode, House told Cuddy things weren't gonna work because he hadn't changed and it was insane for someone with a child to date him. But she stayed strong and said she wasn't looking for him to change and he was the most incredible man she ever knew. This prompted House to finally say he loved her, and Cuddy left. But the looks on the faces of both these individuals once they were apart made it clear they weren't sure if the relationship would work.


- Thirteen put in for a leave of absence and told everyone it was to go to Rome for an experimental Huntington's trial. But Foreman made some phone calls and discovered this was a lie. No one knows the reason Thirteeen is leaving for awhile.

- The team spent most of the episode trying to diagnosis the hospital's neurosurgeon because he was the only one on staff and the hospital would not be considered a level-1 trauma unit with him gone.

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House Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Dr. Cuddy's first assignment was for me to get to know everything about Dr. House's team... and not to believe anything any of them told me.


Dr. Foreman: Has anyone seen House?
Taub: It's 10:00 a.m. I'd be worried if he was here.