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House reacts very badly after a patient dies this week, even though House did diagnose the man. Just too late.

He ends up getting wasted instead of attending a charity gala where Cuddy was honored, eventually stumbling over and telling Cuddy he's a worse doctor because he's in love. But also that he could not change a thing. He cares about her that much. Naturally, Cuddy has a confused reaction to this news: he loves her a lot, and patients might die as a result?!?

Elsewhere, Masters and Chase bonded a bit, with the former making the latter realize his relationships were rather hollow. She also confessed that she really had none in her life.

We were also treated to some odd couple-like exchanges between Foreman and Taub, such as the latter accidentally food poisoning them both. Taub also said his wife was officially seeing her online pal. He and Foreman remained roommates in the end, despite a few conflicts.

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House Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

My head's on your vagina.


If I had to choose between saving everyone and loving you and being happy, I choose you.