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The patient of the week on "You Must Remember This" had a perfect memory. Literally, she could recall every moment of her life.

But this affected her personal relationships because it was difficult not to hold a grudge, especially against her sister. Even after she gave her sibling a kidney. By the end of the hour, however, the patient was diagnosed with a disease whose side effects were an extreme form of OCD. If she took her medicine, her memory would go back to normal, but she'd also live longer.

The question for the woman: be special and alone? Or normal and have company in her life?


- House forced Foreman to tutor Taub after the latter failed a re-certification test. But Taut continued to choke under the pressure and actually cheated, buying a copy ahead of time. Still, he and Foreman bonded and he even moved in to Foreman's spare bedroom.

- House tried to get Wilson back into the dating scene, but Wilson eventually admitted: he needed more time to recover from Sam.

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House Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

You're rapidly approaching end stage male spinster-ism.

House [to Wilson]

Masters: That makes no logical sense.
House: This is not a door to logical sense. Also, shut up.