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This week, we get to see the hospital and House from Chase's perspective.  Tonight's episode opened with Chase in bed with a woman after a one night stand, bleeding from his stab wound.  He appears detached, indifferent.  Once in the hospital, Foreman suggests clinic hours to him as he needs to move on from the stabbing.  His first and only patient is Moira, a woman who is about to join a convent, but feels uncertain because she didn't get the calling. 

Chase and her bond throughout the episode over religion and just a general feeling of being lost.  Chase at the very least partially blames House for the stabbing and throughout the episode is questioned by House as to why, all the while Chase is becoming more and more attached to Moira. They end up sleeping together and Chase and Moira start making plans for their future, as Moira now says she won't join the nunnery.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team is coping in their own way with the stabbing.  Taub is taking self-defense classes, Park is trying to talk to anyone who will listen, and Adams is seeing a trauma counselor while House mocks everyone's own brand of dealing with a traumatic event. 

Moira ends up getting a terrible clot in her neck, Chase performs the surgery against everyone's better judgment, and she lives.  But only to tell Chase that she has changed her mind again, gotten the calling, and will become a nun.  House and Chase find some middle ground as well, and by the end of the episode, the two seem to be back on good terms. 

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House Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

Getting knifed doesn't get me an extension?


If she likes crippled guys, I'm free for the next six minutes.