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Tonight's House started with a seemingly tough hockey player (Bobby) spitting up blood on the ice.  His role on the team is as "enforcer" and as such, Taub takes an immediate disliking to him.  As the team struggles to figure out why Bobby is sick, House delivers some rather startling news to Wilson: he has a son! 

Apparently an ex-girlfriend of Wilson's called him eleven years ago and House took the message.  Wilson answered a hypothetical question about never wanting a child with her and House never told Wilson about having a son.  But now, House tells Wilson and Wilson steps up to the plate and tries to establish a relationship with his son.

As far as the team goes, Chase lets Park stay with him for awhile so she can escape her overbearing mother, but what is Chase getting in return?  House knows it's not out of the goodness of Chase's heart and by the end of the episode, we find that Chase needs a little more family time, while Park could use a little less. 

The patient, much to Taub's delight, first says he will give up hockey if it means having to pick fights on the ice instead of play.  But as the episode comes to a close, Bobby says that living half a dream is better than nothing at all and accepts a contract to play, even if it means picking fights on the ice instead of actually playing. 

As for Wilson and his "son" House soon lets him know that the gig is up.  He paid an actor to play his son so that Wilson could experience what he feels he's been missing: fatherhood.  In the last moments of the episode, House and Wilson make pizzas and the idea of a son is seemingly forgotten.



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House Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

House: Short man equals bullied child.
Taub: I was never bullied.
Dr. Adams: Until now.

Cheerleaders are the best part of basketball. Without them, you just have...basketball.