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On House this week, Michael B. Jordan guest stars as a blind patient (Will).  He comes in with seizure like symptoms and he's coming off a break with his girlfriend of many years.  As House's team investigates, Sam tells the team he plans to propose, but not to Melissa, the girl he went on a break with, but to someone new he met on his break.  As Dr. Adams fumes in the background about loyalty and relationships, House's mother Blythe comes through town to deliver some news.

House avoids his mother as long as he can until Wilson lets House know his mother may be terminally ill.  It turns out she lied and just wanted House to know that she and her new boyfriend (Thomas) were going to get married.  Thomas is the man House assumes is his biological father since House figured out that the father who raised him wasn't his real dad.  As it turns out, Thomas is actually quite easy to like and House struggles to provoke him.

All while this is happening, Dr. Park accidentally takes acid and has quite a few comical hallucinations.  As she comes back down, she is able to help with the patient. 

When House finally comes clean with his mother about his wife Dominika, Blythe is surprised, but supportive and as an avid reader of the Princeton police blotter, she already knew House was in jail.  House then confronts his mother and her boyfriend about his paternity and is surprised to see that for one, Blythe and Thomas have already married, and Thomas is just as surprised by House's claim of paternity.  Apparently Blythe wasn't honest with him either.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Will is getting worse and must decide if he should risk his hearing to save his own life.  In the end, Melissa, the girl who he took a break with, comes back in the picture and promises him loyalty and support even if he does become deaf, which we come to find out, he doesn't. 

And House, who finally seems to accept his father in whatever way he can, realizes that his mother is more interesting than he thought and that Thomas isn't actually his father!

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House Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Ugh! [spits out food] Sugar free!


He's always been a complicated child.