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In this week's episode, Taub learns a disturbing piece of information about Rachel.  She wants to move away to Portland with her boyfriend Phil and take Sophia, Taub and Rachel's daughter, with them.  But that's not Taub's only daughter named Sophia that he's having issues with.  Both mothers wanted the name, and Taub not being in the position to argue, relented.  At any rate, Taub is having issues juggling his kids and this episode only serves to solidify the idea that he is over his head. Taub comes through in the last ten minutes of the episode and tells Rachel convincingly that she can't move. 

Ben, the patient of the week, comes to the hospital because of paralysis of his arms and legs.  We come to find out he is a young man of 16 with aspirations to be a clown, just as his biological dead father was.  Except the father isn't dead.  But the patient won't ever know.  But what we as the audience discover is that Ben was sexually abused by his father and his final diagnosis is syphilis. 

Meanwhile, House is trying to uncover not only the patient's diagnosis, but also Dr. Adams' past.  Because this week's episode is all about parents, and House already knows everyone else's stories, Dr. Adams becomes his focus.  In the end, we find out that she envied her screwed up friends because she thought it meant they had more depth and the bad grades House was focusing on as proof her parents screwed her up, were a result of her running away to experience the "damaged" lifestyle she so coveted. And it's also why she works with House, by the way.  House is also trying to get his ankle monitor off to see a "boxing game" with Wilson in Atlantic City, but Foreman says no and encourages Wilson to be a good friend to House and watch it with him on television.  In the last scene, Wilson sees House and Foreman enjoying his tickets to the match. 


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House Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

[To a clinic patient] As much as I'd like to kill you, murder violates my parole.


[After describing Chase's upbringing] He's also dreamy, but that's not relevant now.