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In this week's episode, House cares for a young homeless girl whose first symptom is an ear bleed.  As House uncovers her underlying condition, he also finds out why she's homeless, although it takes a lot of cutting through false information to get there.  Her mother is an addict and the patient can't stand to watch her sober up and fall down again and again.  

Meanwhile, House takes full advantage of his freedom on this episode taking his team to breakfast, shoot, and a turtle race.  He also attempts to blackmail Foreman, who is sleeping with a married woman.  She tells her husband about Foreman independently of House and Foreman loses interest in her because of the lack of excitement. 

Also in this episode, Taub is bored with his children, but finally figures out how to bond with them by involving them in his own interests, especially sports. 

In the end, the patient leaves the hospital after being cured of worms, even though her mother is sober for the time being because she doesn't want to risk being hurt again. 

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House Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

Are you not going to introduce us because we're married? Oh wait, she is.


As much as I'd like to take your word for it, I have no interest in taking your word for it.