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This week's episode opens with the ultimate "man about town" cheating on his wife.  No one suspects, and when the patient, Bob, has what looks like a heart attack, we're immediately brought into the patient's guilt and lies.  Chase and Taub rejoin House's diagnostic team and there is immediate chemistry between Chase and Dr. Adams, especially with this week's subject matter, a man who lies to his wife. 

Meanwhile, Taub and his kids are making their way around the hospital trying to find a constant sitter and House attempts to make Taub question the babies' paternity.  Eventually, Taub gives in to taking the test, but when it comes to seeing the results, he has no interest and proves to House it doesn't matter what the truth is; he's comfortable either way.  House is on his own mission throughout the episode, only to be revealed in the last moment or so: a wall that goes into the ceiling, revealing Wilson sitting in his adjacent office. 

When Bob finds out he needs a donor, the whole town practically volunteers, but he decides that everyone should know all his transgressions before making any personal sacrifices for him.  He shares a number of shocking confessions until he drives nearly everyone away.  We later learn a brain aneurism caused him to make these outrageous confessions.  

In the end, Bob is diagnosed, but when asked by his wife what the truth was about cheating, he lied. 

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House Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

[In reference to Taub] Awkward...he knocked up two different women at the same time.


[To Taub] You're a lot taller than I thought you'd be.

Dr. Park