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A lot has changed at Princeton Plainsboro, something House realizes when he returns to work this week.  Foreman, the new Dean of Medicine, manages to break House out of jail for a special case to revive a set of lungs from a dead patient.  House works to diagnose the box of lungs while simultaneously realizing that he won't be getting the same treatment at this hospital that he had in the past.  He meets his team of one doctor, Dr. Park and they work to diagnose the set of lungs together so they can be transplanted into Wilson's patient.  Meanwhile, House is desperately trying to win back Wilson's affections as a friend through repeated attempts of admitting he was wrong, but that things haven't changed.

In the end, House solves the case, Foreman manages to resuscitate House's things from storage (including Ball-y), and House sits back in his office chair, contented.  That is of course, until Wilson comes and punches him in the face as that is his form of forgiveness.  Minus an ankle monitor and Cuddy's absence, things seems to be getting back to normal for House.  

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House Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Prison! Sorry, I thought I heard everyone thinking it.


I specifically requested my wake-up-startle 3 hours from now.