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This episode begins with House and his team attempting to diagnose how and why a patient is bleeding from the eyes.  Henry, the patient, claims to have a girlfriend even though much of the time he spends is with his neighbor, Molly.  Chase and Adams find out that Henry's girlfriend, Amy, is actually a sex doll and the team works to diagnose Henry as they learn about Henry's bizarre relationship.

Meanwhile, House points out to his team that everyone has their own way of avoiding relationships.  This of course, comes back around to him since he is in the middle of trying to hire a new prostitute to replace the woman he's been hiring more steadily, Emily, who is getting married and planning on leaving the business all together. 

Wilson encourages House to turn his analysis in on himself and try and sustain a relationship to the woman he is actually married to, rather than take the easy way out and hire more hookers.  While House tries to sabotage Emily's impending marriage, he ends up finding out she's only leaving him as a client because she feels uncomfortable with the fact that he's married. 

The team is also avoiding relationships in their own ways.  Chase always dates by proximity.  Park bails on dates, too insecure to try, Adams volunteers any spare hours she has so she doesn't have to get hurt again, and Taub lies, sabotaging himself, but trying all the same to put himself out there.  As the episode closes, each person takes a step forward in their own personal lives as Park sings with her date, Adams asks Chase out who says no, the patient asks out Adams who says no, and Taub encourages Park to step out of her comfort zone.

And even House, who rarely takes emotional risks, finds a letter approving Dominika's citizenship bearing a hearing and knowing it will be the end of his relationship with her, throws the letter away.

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Thank you, Butterscotch. Is that a family name?


35 year old male who cries blood and is not Vampire Bill. Go!