Dr. Adams and Dr. Park
Watch House Season 8 Episode 3
"Charity Case"
Original Air Date:

Wentworth Miller guest stars on House this week. He plays a patient who collapses after making a large charity donation.

House and Wilson Picture
Watch House Season 8 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

House is back in Princeton Plainsboro this week. He realizes that a lot has changed since he last worked there.

Jailed House
Watch House Season 8 Episode 1
"Twenty Vicodin"
Original Air Date:

The season eight premiere finds House in jail. It picks up a year after events on the season seven finale.

Nice Elephant
Watch House Season 7 Episode 23
"Moving On"
Original Air Date:

House makes a major decision this week. It affects his relationship with everyone.

Helping House
Watch House Season 7 Episode 22
"After Hours"
Original Air Date:

House has surgery on this episode of House, as Wilson assists his pal and Cuddy remains worried about him. Also, Thirteen asks Chase for help.

House Boxing
Watch House Season 7 Episode 21
"The Fix"
Original Air Date:

House takes a boxer under his wing to win a bet with Wilson, while the team things he has a new drug problem.

House Ponders Life
Watch House Season 7 Episode 20
Original Air Date:

House finds his job is in jeopardy when Cuddy's mother threatens to sue the hospital.

House and His Understudy
Watch House Season 7 Episode 19
"Last Temptation"
Original Air Date:

Masters passes House's final exam and Thirteen returns to work in this episode of House. Full recap to come soon!

Release of Thirteen
Watch House Season 7 Episode 18
"The Dig"
Original Air Date:

Thirteen has been in jail?!? Olivia Wilde returns to House this week and we learn where her character has been.

This is the Life...
Watch House Season 7 Episode 17
"Fall From Grace"
Original Air Date:

Cuddy admits to Wilson that she's guilty over dumping House. Elsewhere, the patient of the week is a homeless man with a history of drug abuse.

House Quotes

Dr. Foreman: (checking out strippers) You know what a "broken cowboy is? It was on House's list of requirements.
Thirteen: I have three theories.

Getting knifed doesn't get me an extension?