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Sophie met one of her idols but was disappointed to hear Naomi was not interested in displaying her photos in her gallery. Instead, Sophie was hired to take pictures of Naomi's daughter's bat mitzvah with her nonexistent assistant -- Valentina stepped in. Charlie enjoyed working at the bar until he received a negative review from a customer. He decided to figure out who left the review, suspecting a grumpy customer. It turned out Ellen was the culprit. Jesse and Sid had a "pound day," which was not as inappropriate as it sounds, but procrastination stood in the way of their productivity. A flock of pigeons barged into their apartment to further distract them, leading them to get stuck outside their window on the fire escape. Meanwhile, Sophie had trouble getting Naomi's arrogant daughter Rivka to pose for photos. Valentina was supposed to help her but ended up using Rivka to promote her own brand. Rivka and her friends thought they stole Valentina's more potent drugs but really took her ibuprofen and probiotics; they run around pretending to be high. Valentina let them continue to think they were on drugs so that Sophie could get them to finally pose for photos. Charlie and Ellen had a heart-to-heart after Ellen shared she felt like she was playing second fiddle to him. Jesse found inspiration in the end, thanks to the lucky bangle.

How I Met Your Father
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How I Met Your Father Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Valentina: Look at you, literally whistling while you work. I've never seen you this happy with your pants on.
Charlie: What can I say? I love earning an honest living. Although, now that you mention it, this job would be heaven without pants.

Sophie: I know it's got to feel like a lot to dive back into writing songs without Meredith, but you got this.
Jesse: Thanks. I just hope I'm ready.
Sophie: I know that you are. But just in case, take a good luck bangle.