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When Robin is going through some old fan mail, she finds a letter saying that her work visa is up in one week and she's going to be deported if she doesn't get a job in her field!  When Barney checks out her reel she's been using for interviews, he shows her his awesome video resume.  Robin is desperate enought to get a job that she has Barney help her make one until she decides he's taking the video is a ridiculous direction.  Barney goes ahead and finishes the video without her and submits it to various networks and gets her a job as a morning talk show host!

Meanwhile, the Robin's little resume troubles force the whole gang to rethink some of the sillier things they have on their resume.  Ted still lists that he ran a lame radio show in college where he went by Doctor X.  Marshall claims he's a slam dunk champion even though he can no longer play basketball due to a dancing injury.  Lily still lists that she was a hot dog eating champion... which she still is!

How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Barney: Lottery girl's on.
Robin: I just feel sorry for these women. This is where broadcast careers go to die.
Barney: Check it out, I made a little game.
Lottery Girl: And tonight's lotto numbers are: 19,
Barney: Age you moved to New York after a photographer "discovered" you at a food court and said he would get you into Vogue Magazine.
Lotto Girl: 53,
Barney: Number of semi-nude pictures he took of you before you realized he had no connection to Vogue Magazine.
Lotto Girl: 22,
Barney: Age you claim you are.
Lotto Girl: 31,
Barney: Age you actually are.
Lotto Girl: 45,
Barney: Number of minutes it would take me to get you into a cab, out of your dress and into my Jacuzzi.
Lotto Girl: And tonight's Super Big Ball is...
Barney: What happens after we get out of the Jacuzzi. What Up!

Lily: Doctor X, you're still bragging about Doctor X?
Robin: Who's Doctor X?
Ted: Nobody knows. He was this genious mystery DJ.
Marshall: It was Ted.
Ted: His identity remains a mystery to this day.
Lily: It was Ted.
Ted: But this phantom of the airwaves changed the very face of college radio.
Marshall: It was Ted.
Lily: And your show sucked