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Barney's company, Goliath National Bank is looking for an architect to design their new corporate headquarters and when the company wants to go with a Swedish architecht, Barney suggest they go patriotic and use his friend, Ted.  Ted comes in and nails the presentation and everyone is on board until the Swedes come in and present their idea for a firebreathing building that's shaped like a dinosaur (complete with strip club in the N of GNB).  Barney is so in love with the building he suggests it over his own friend.  When Marshall puts him in his place he gets Ted the gig.

Robin, meanwhile, is feeling left out as Lily's single friend.   She feels they're not getting enough girl time as Marshall is always around.  The two decide to go out with a group of Lily's friends who turn out to be "Wooo Girls" (basically single girls who to clubs and scream wooo at everything.  Jamie Lynn Sigler guest stars as one).  Robin ends up being able to identify more with the single party girls than Lily and she ends up being the one that feels left out.  Robin explains that Lily shouldn't feel old and boring that the woo girls are actually the sad ones.

How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Barney: I know. We are Swedish. We are so cool with our baguettes and our Eiffel Tower.
Marshall: Dude, Sweden is not France, you know that, right?
Barney: Oh, it's France!

Lily: Oh, my God, Bitch, this is our anthem!
Robin: Really, who sings this?
Lily: Is LL Cool J still doing things?