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Barney is covered in blankets and a cop in questioning him why he jumped into the Hudson River.

He goes on to tell a story about meeting a woman named Anita at the bar and they hit it off. Back at his place she gets him all hot and heavy and leaves him.

On their second encounter, Barney finds out that he will need to wait after seventeen dates before Anita gives it up to him.

Meanwhile, Don asks Robin out and Marshall gets on the phone and pretends to be Robin and happily accepts his invitation to dinner.

Back at the bar, Robin admits to the group that she got Anita to go after Barney to teach him a lesson.

Marshall realizes that over the course of their breakup he hasn’t treated the situation for Robin as delicately as he should have.

The next day, Ted tells Barney that he should combine all the dates into one - super date.

Ted then tells Robin about the super date he planned for Barney and Anita just as she is about to leave on her date with Don.

Back at the bar, Ted tells Marshall and Lily about his conversation with Robin. They tell him that he should have been more sensitive because Robin is still coping with the breakup and it is most likely the reason she cancelled her date with Don.

The gang go to Barney’s house and tell him that Robin is still grieving  over their breakup. No one knew where Robin would be, but Barney did.

Barney goes to the shooting range where he finds Robin. He apologizes for being such a jerk and promises that he won’t ever sleep with Anita. He then gives up his super date with Anita to Robin and Don.

Back at the bar, Anita walks in and confronts Barney about standing her up. He tells her under no circumstance will he sleep with her. She then tells him something crazy in his ear and he gets up and leaves the bar to go jump into the river.
The cop asks Barney if it was worth the $500 ticket and he said he hopes so.

The next morning Robin wakes up and tells the group that she got laid.


How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Barney: Oh no, I am not going to give it up, she is. Thanks to Ted's book -
Ted: It's Robins, it's Robins.
Barney: I'm going to stay two steps ahead of her - there's a loop hole in here and I'm going to find it.

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