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-Lilly confronts Robin about her lack of female friends. When Robin meet a potential new friend though, Lily gets possessive. Meanwhile Barney confronts Ted about holding hands with Robin at the carousel. Barney says he isn't upset about it, but then asks Ted to do a number of tasks. Ted is more than willing to do anything for the groom to be, until he learns he has been replaced as best man by Billy Zabka.  Marshall, still on the road to the wedding, presides over their quarrel via Ipad. Ted admits to still having feelings for Robin at times, but calls out Barney for breaking his own code. After reconciling the two play cards and Ted is made best man again, but attracts the ire of Zabka. 

How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

Ted: Billy Zabka's your new best man?
Barney: He's the best, around. Sorry Ted, maybe next wedding.

Lily: Face it Robin, you hate women and women hate you.
Marshall: Ted didn't go to his prom? Classic.