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This week Annalise is tasked with defending a client on death row. With her appeal granted, the team has 72 hours to get a case together to present to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. 

The defendant is David Allen, a man accused of killing his girlfriend, although the evidence against him was purely circumstantial. The team is sent out to talk to various people involved with the last trial, including David's former lawyer, the ADA and an eye witness. 

The ADA informs them that he heard there may have been perjury testimony in the case and he told the judge who never looked into it. The judge on the case was Asher's father, William Millstone. 

Asher meets with his father, who all but admits that he lied in exchange for a federal judge appointment. He brings this information to Annalise, but demands that they spare his father and give him the trophy. 

Asher's information leads them to Art Trucco, who benefited from David's conviction and was the one who convinced someone to lie on the stand. This person is revealed to be the key witness, who lied on the stand and in turn wasn't evicted from her apartment. 

At trial, Annalise is able to put enough doubt into the minds of the court for them to open an investigation and they vacate the former judgment and set David free. 

Meanwhile, Wes is a no show in class and when Annalise goes to visit him, he tells her that he is prepared to go to the police if she doesn't help bring Rebecca back. 

Annalise enlists Frank with finding Rebecca and she also has him erase information on Lila's cell phone and put the phone in the car of Griffin O'Reilly. This gives Griffin motive to kill Lila. 

In the flash forwards, we see Asher show up at the house the night of the murder. He then gets a phone call from someone, who we later find out is Bonnie. The two are in bed together when Annalise calls Bonnie to inform her something bad has happened to Sam. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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