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Annalise confronts Sam about Lila's pregnancy and he claims he did not know.

Meanwhile, Annalise defends a housewife accused of killing her maid while sleepwalking. When her son is on the stand, he admits to having an affair with the maid. 

With Michaela's help, they learn that her husband and son were both having an affair with the maid. Ultimately, it's revealed that the husband murdered the maid and then led the wife to her body to frame her. 

Nate asks Rebecca to download information off Sam's computer, which upsets Wes, while Laurel finds out that Frank has a girlfriend.

Flashbacks set six months in the past, show Lila telling Rebecca about her relationship with Sam. After a month, they begin sleeping together but shortly thereafter Sam asks her to break it off. 

When she finds out she's pregnant, she goes to Annalise's to tell her but is met by Bonnie instead. Bonnie orders her to leave. 

Bonnie informs Sam that she saw Lila the night of her murder and Sam asks her to keep it from Annalise. They share a kiss. 

Bonnie goes to Annalise immediately to confess what happened and Annalise fires her. Later, she tells Sam that she has asked the DA to gather DNA samples from all the men in Lila's life, including her teachers. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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