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The day after Sam's murder finds Annalise talking to the cops. She tells them she believes Sam has disappeared after she threatened him with going to the DA about his involvement with Lila. This scene is intercut with scenes from the night of the murder that show Annalise ordering Wes to move Sam's body and burn the evidence. 

The students are unraveling and Wes wants to tell them Annalise knows, but she forbids it. Instead, she wants them to get the murder charges against Rebecca dropped by pining Lila's murder on Sam. 

They are able to prove the Sam was the father of Lila's baby and that he took her to an abortion clinic. His laptop also proves that he was at the sorority house the night of her murder. Subsequently, the charges against Rebecca are dismissed and Sam becomes to prime suspect. 

Meanwhile, Connor and Michaela decide they want to confess and try to salvage their future. They enlist Laurel with helping them, but after she discovers that Annalise told Frank about the murder, she goes to Wes assuming he told Annalise. Wes asks Annalise to please talk to the others, which she does. She is able to persuade them to not confess to the murder. 

In the end, Sam's sister comes to town and informs the police that her brother is not a murderer. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Wes: Professor Keating---
Annalise: No, listen, what you did tonight had to be done. He killed that girl and for that he deserved to die. Trust me. I got you into this and it's my job to get you out of it. Now go and do what you've been told.

You listen to me closely and do exactly as I tell you . Remove the body. He can not stay here. Your DNA is under his nails, on his skin. So the only way to get rid of it is to burn the body. Then you need to get rid of the remains.

Annalise [to Wes]