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Annalise takes on a new client who is accused of butchering his wife with a hunting knife. A slightly odd millionaire with a knack for hunting, Max St. Vincent proclaims his innocence and the team sets out to clear his name. 

After throwing a wrench into the prosecutors case and discrediting a few of their witnesses, Annalise calls Max's daughter to the stand to vouch for her father's innocence. It is then revealed that Max's first wife, Eloise's birth mother, was murdered years ago and did not die in a car accident like Max claimed. 

Max admits to that murder and the team is able to show that the second murder was so different in nature that it couldn't be the same murderer. The jury agrees and finds Max not guilty. We learn that Eloise actually knew of her father's deception and killed his wife for revenge. 

While working the case, Annalise has doubts about how close Sam and Lila Stangard were. After discovering Sam deleted messages from Lila on his phone, she asks ex lover Nate to look into Sam's alibi the night of Lila's murder. 

Meanwhile, Wes's neighbor Rebecca and Lila's boyfriend are charged with her murder.

In the flash forwards we learn Wes is protecting Lila from something and hiding it from the others. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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