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Sam and Annalise continue to fight over whether Sam killed Lila. After a bunch of vicious comments, Annalise eventually leaves. 

Michaela shows up at the house looking for Annalise and soon Rebecca shows up as well. Rebeccas races upstairs to download information off Sam's computer and Sam chases after her.

Wes, Connor and Laurel show up and Sam attacks Rebecca. As he's chasing after Laurel, Michaela shoves him and he flies over the railing. Everyone believes Sam to be dead, but he's still alive and he attacks Rebecca again. This time Wes hits him over the head with the trophy, killing him. 

They all decide to cover up the crime together, as they were all a part of it. 

The night continues with the scenes from previous flash forwards. 

Meanwhile, Annalise goes to visit Nate. They discuss Sam's involvement with Lila and then hook up. 

After the body is burned and disposed of, they all go their seperate ways. But the next morning, Bonnie calls them to the house. Annalise informs them that police have been contacted about Sam's disappearance. She asks them to cooperate with the police.

However, one final reveal shows that when Wes went back to the house the night of the murder to retrieve the trophy, Annalise was there and saw Sam's dead body. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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