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The team scrambles when they realize Annalise has gone missing. 

Back in Memphis, Annalise struggles with a forced family reunion and seeing her father. 

After Nate learns that there is an arrest warrant out for Annalise, he travels to Memphis to see her. He stays for dinner and witnesses an awkward interaction between Annalise and her father that leads to Annalise telling her mother about the death of her son. Ophelia then has Annalise write a note to her son that she buries. 

The students work hard to figure out who is ratting out Annalise to the police. They eventually figure out it's Caleb.

Annalise turns herself in, but gives the ADA information that reveals Caleb was the real killer of the Hapstall's. After the story hits the press, Caleb commits suicide. 

Flashbacks reveal that Frank was bribed into bugging Annalise's hotel room, which lead to the Mahoney's ordering the car accident that killed Annalise's baby. Frank told Sam what he'd done and that's why Frank was obligated to kill Lila at Sam's request. 

Wes travels to New York to confront Mr. Mahoney and after revealing to him that he's his son, Mr. Mahoney is shot in the head. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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