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The flash forward shows Bonnie approaching the students and asking Connor if it was his idea. He declares that it was his idea. 

Nate stops by Annalise's house drunk and the two talk. After finding Oliver missing at their apartment, Connor goes to Annalise. The rest of the students come over and just as Nate begins to report Oliver missing, he shows up with Philip. 

Philip tells the team that he's innocent and knows nothing about the Hapstall's. He also says he's going to go after Annalise. 

Sinclair sends an abundance of discovery papers to Annalise. Later, she offers Caleb and Catherine plea deals. Caleb decides to think about it and eventually he agrees to take 30 years in exchange for Catherine getting no time. 

Asher soon discovers that Sinclair has bugged the house and Annalise and company come up with a ruse to get Sinclair to search the Hapstall basement for the missing murder weapon, a tactic which stalls Sinclair and makes Caleb's plea deal a no go. 

Philip goes to the police station to file a report but Nate manipulates his file to make it seem like he is schizophrenic. 

Catherine agrees to a 10 year plea deal in exchange for no jail time for Caleb. Just as she's about to accept the deal, Annalise discovers that Philip's DNA is a 99% match at the Hapstall murder scene. It also shows he was the product of incest. 

After spending the night together, Caleb shows Michaela a gun hidden in a vent and he wonders whether Catherine was involved in his parents murder. 

Catherine sends Wes a picture she painted and Wes realizes he saw this saw picture in the background of a picture of Philip. Later, we see Philip and Catherine meet up. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Annalise: You know more about me than most people.
Nate: That's sad because I don't know you.

Oliver: Just please don't kill me. Please.
Philip: No. I don't want to kill you.