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The flashbacks show Annalise meeting with Rose and asking her whether or not she saw her client, Charles Mahoney, on the night he supposedly murdered his fiancee. She confirms that she did and Annalise believes that she has a solid alibi. 

Rose is hesitant to testify and eventually Annalise is able to convince the family that Rose should be allowed to testify anonymously. However, on the day she's due to testify, she does not show up.

In present day, Annalise rounds everyone up to discuss who sent the tape to Connor. Annalise and Michaela visit Caleb in hopes that he can get some information from Catherine that will lead them to Philip, but she isn't helpful. Eventually, Annalise sends everyone home for the evening where everyone deals with the potential that Philip may beat them 

After discussing the situation with Nate, Annalise decides to call Philip's bluff and doesn't give in to his monetary demands. Shorty after the deadline passes, a video is sent to them that shows Annalise and Nate together from the night before. 

Elsewhere, Laurel leaves Frank and goes to Wes. After briefly discussing the Mahoney case, the two travel to Ohio to get more information. There Wes learns about his mother's role in the trial. While looking at the coroner's report, Laurel steals a piece of paper without showing Wes and reveals to Annalise that Wes was a suspect in his mother's death. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Shame on you for using your own baby to make me do this.

Rose [to Annalise]

Connor: His email is Argus. It's from Greek mythology. Argus is a one hundred eyed giant who sees everything, which means Philip has seen everything.
Annalise: Isn't that cute of him? He's taunting us with nicknames. So, what do you want me to do? I'm not on the video.