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Ten days after the murder of Rebecca, class is back in session and Wes is acting out. While Frank believes he is acting out because he is the one who killed Rebecca, Annalise refuses to believe that.

While the group is fighting over the events of Rebecca's disappearance, Annalise seeks a new case for them to work on. She hopes to snag the case of adopted siblings Caleb and Catherine, who are accused of killing their wealthy parents. As the siblings have a lawyer, Annalise and company seek to sabotage his case. 

Laurel changes the timestamp date on a video of the siblings aunt to make it look like she is lying about where she was the night of the murder. When the right video is brought to light, the siblings fire their lawyer and hire Annalise. Later, the aunt is found murdered. 

Frank and Annalise continue the search for Rebecca's killer by telling Wes that Rebecca is alive to see if he falls for the bait. He doesn't and soon after Frank begins to suspect Laurel. However, Annalise soon pieces together that it was Bonnie, who claimed that she killed Rebecca to protect Annalise. 

An old friend of Annalise's, Eve, shows up and it is soon revealed that she is the lawyer Annalise urged Nate to call. Eve is reluctant to take the case since she and Annalise haven't spoken in awhile and after meeting with Nate and learning that Annalise framed him, she refuses to take the case. 

Annalise goes to Eve and tells the truth about framing Nate, conceding that she did it to protect someone. The two reminisce and it's revealed that they used to be in a relationship before Annalise left her for Sam. The two share a kiss. 

At episode's end, Eve is shown to have taken on Nate's case and Asher is shown with the ADA of the case, admitting that he is spying on Annalise. 

A two month flash forward reveals a gunshot in the home of Caleb and Catherine. A male figure running from the house is revealed to be Wes and the shooting victim is revealed to be Annalise. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Michaela: You do realize I'm not scared to hit a bitch.
Laurel: Oh just throw me down the stairs, you did a pretty good job with Sam.

Frank: You know, whoever did this had to be strong enough to drag her behind the stairs.
Annalise: A person can lift almost anything if they're desperate enough.