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Caleb and Catherine are brought in for questioning and Annalise learns there is another charge pending against them, although she doesn't know what it is. When Annalise questions them about where they were the night their aunt was murdered, Caleb lies and says they were together all night. 

Annalise meets with Eve ahead of Nate's pre-trial to discuss the case, at which time Annalise admits to caring for Nate. At the start of the trial, prosecutor Sinclair attempts to paint Eve and Annalise as being in cahoots. She also lays out the idea that Annalise and Nate together killed Sam. 

Later on the stand, Sinclair attacks Annalise and asks her questions regarding her sexual relationship with Nate. 

Frank is able to obtain the police records on the twins and discovers that the police have linked Caleb's DNA to his aunt's crime scene. In order to get Catherine to admit that Caleb wasn't home the entire night, Wes is sent in to play her. Caleb eventually admits he went for a run and proclaims that they are being framed. 

On the stand, Sinclair continues her persecution of Annalise and she breaks down and gets very angry. Later, Annalise admits that she believes Nate killed Sam. Under cross examination, Eve also shreds Annalise and accuses her of killing Sam. 

The team discovers that the police planted Caleb's DNA at his aunt's crime scene and Annalise is able to get the charges dismissed. 

At Nate's pre-trial, the judge releases Nate, as she feels the prosecutor hasn't sufficiently proven who killed Sam. 

Eve visits Annalise and admits she is still in love with her. The two then spend the night together. The following morning the two share a kiss on the balcony that Nate witnesses. 

In the flash forward, Wes is shown running outside to meet Laurel and Michaela. They then race back inside to get Connor, who is applying pressure to Annalise's wound. They eventually get Connor to leave her and the foursome leaves the mansion. The camera then pans away to show a dead body, who turns out to be Sinclair. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Laurel: Michaela! You are not going to Nate's trial.
Michael: I never said I was! Okay, I can't be the only one who wants to go.
Connor: You want us, the real murderers, to go to the fake murderes trial?
Wes: Annalise would kill us!
Laurel: I'd kill you!

You're running point on Caleb and Catherine. And don't you dare smile. The only reason I haven't fired you is cause I can't be in two places at once. Screw up again, you're gonna be the next dead body in this house.

Annalise [to Bonnie]