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After Annalise is shot, Laurel takes the blame for shooting her, while Wes takes the gun and says he will dispose of it. 

2 weeks later, Annalise returns home from the hospital. After taking some pain medication, Annalise wakes from a nap to a knock on the door, where a frantic woman drops off a baby to her and leaves. Annalise calls Bonnie over to take the baby, however, we soon see that the baby is a figment of Annalise's mind. 

Elsewhere, Wes is struggling with his role in the shooting and Laurel is checking in on him. She takes him to see the other students, who are all gathered to come up with a statement on Annalise's behalf, pining her shooting on Catherine. 

At Catherine's preliminary hearing, the judge dismisses Annalise's written statement and she comes in to testify, although she is clearly unwell. While testifying, Annalise breaks privilege and reveals that Catherine told her she didn't kill her parents. This makes her statement inadmissible. Annalise then goes to Caleb and convinces him to get Catherine to implicate Phillip, by revealing that he was the one that drugged her and that's why she shot Annalise. 

Wes searches for information about Christophe and then goes to Annalise for answers. She refuses to tell him anything, stating that Wes has ruined her. 

A flashback to 10 years ago reveals a pregnant Annalise meeting Christophe's mom for the first time at a park. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Annalise: Why'd you do it? You told them that you did it.
Laurel: I don't know. I just, I got scared. And they already blame Wes for Sam and he would just fall apart if they blamed him for this too.

Bonnie: Annalise?
Annalise: I finally got it to calm down.