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Bonnie went to the funeral parlor to see her father's body, but she departed quickly and tells them to cremate him. She ignores the funeral director's pleas about what to do with them. 

Outside, she bumps into Frank and hugs him. The two of them hit a motel, where he reveals what went down with him in his life. The two of them sleep together after Frank has nightmares about his past. 

In flashbacks, we find out that Frank is in the inside for attempting to murder his father. Sam is assigned the case and asks Annalise to get him away with it. This is how the two of them meet up for the first time. 

We also got to see Annalise and Sam struggle with miscarriages. 

In the present, Michaela and Oliver found out that Mr. Drake was the one sending the flyers around about Annalise. This is not met with the best reponse from Annalise, who confronts him. 

She then goes to her boss with $50 million lawsuit and threatens her. She gets her job back and fobs the woman off. 

Wes has an awkward meeting with Meggie's father. 

In the future, Oliver tries to call Connor, but finds out that his phone is with Michaela and she's at her mother's.

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Laurel: Wait we’re calling him your boyfriend now?
Michaela: No, it’s just sex.
Connor: Pretty good sex, judging by the noise you two were making.

Nate: Tell me you did not drive home?
Annalise: I took a cab.