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Annalise went to war with Middleton University in the wake of learning they want her to switch to a research role. 

She meets up with Wes and asks him to move in with her, but he declines, noting that he has a girlfriend. 

Annalise welcomes Oliver to the class, but they are wary of the way he is acting. It's clear he is nervous. 

The new case involved a woman named Irene who murdered her husband after putting up with years of physical abuse from him. 

She never appears remorseful whenever she tries for parole. She chooses Connor to work on her case after him being adamant he screwed it up. 

Connor swung into action and put words in her mouth and it landed him in trouble with the board. 

Eventually, Irene opened up about her ordeal and won her brownie points with the board, who granted her release from prison.

Annalise was less than impressed that Connor opened up to her about murdering Sam. 

Annalise argued with the board when they tried to suspend her and threatened them with a huge lawsuit. 

Connor tried to make things right with Oliver, but he made it clear he wanted to be alone, forcing Connor to move in with Michaela. 

Michaela and Asher continued their tryst, but Asher wanted to go public about the whole thing. Michaela was shocked he spoke to the freshman class about it. 

Annalise is seen in the future getting arrested as she passes her phone to Oliver to wipe clean. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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