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We picked up with Frank telling Wes who and where his father was and taking him to meet him. Then, Mahney's brains were blown out. 

Wes was questioned and lied that he was just asking Mahoney for directions. Next, Annalise showed up on the scene and took him under her wing once more, taking him somewhere to let off some steam. 

In September, Annalise attempted to start year two of her class, but was shocked to find a poster with her picture on the wall. It said she was a killer. 

The Keating 5 were scared about it and spoke to Annalise, who let them know that everything was fine. The first case involved a man being deported for having pot. 

The team found out that his daughter was the one who had it and Wes got the opportunity to defend him in court. The judge decided that no matter what the evidence, he pled guilty to the crime and would be deported. 

Laurel went to see Annalise who made her choose between her and Frank. Laurel chose Annalise. 

Annalise picked up her burner phone and found out her goon had spotted Frank, but before she got the chance to give the go ahead for him to be murdered, Frank killed her hitman. 

Wes struck up a relationship with Maggie throughout the time jump and tried to avoid Laurel. When confronted, he claimed that he just saw Frank every single time he looks at her. 

When Maggie showed up, she refuted this claim when she said Wes talks about her all the time. 

Annalise reluctantly gave Oliver a job. Oliver then revealed the truth to Connor about the Stanford email, but Annalise had already told him about it. 

Afterwards, Oliver dumped Connor because their relationship was apparently unhealthy. 

Two months later, Annalise appeared screaming outside her house when she identified a dead body. The camera panned out to reveal her house was on fire. 


How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Your mailbox isn't full, so I know that means you're checking your messages and not dead somewhere.


Annalise: There is no grey area here, Laurel. It's him, or it's me.
Laurel: He's dead to me.
Annalise: Good.