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Laurel tried to find a way to take her father down, and her mother was on board to help her out. 

In the courtroom, however, his lawyer dragged both women for their mental state, and everyone quizzed what he was really up to. 

Things got worse when Isaac was brought in to give his thoughts on Laurel's mental state. 

Was she as ill as he had been led to believe?

Jorge got Denver to reopen the case of his daughter's death and Isaac's comments were discarded. 

The judge awarded Jorge custody of the kid. 

Meanwhile, the others tried to get Nate on board to help get his father to join the class action suit. 

It became apparent instantly that Nate's relationship with his father was messed up. 

His father had been screwed over by the system and he eventually decided to join the suit. 

Bonnie found out that Wes met with Laurel's mother the day before he died. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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