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Bonnie, pretending to be Julie, shows up at Issac's house and proceeds to tell him about an interaction she had with Mae. 

Via flashbacks, we discover that Bonnie and Annalise met when Annalise was a part of the defense team defending one of the men who raped Bonnie as a child. After a brutal cross examination from Annalise, Bonnie loses the case. Annalise then quits her firm and goes to Bonnie offering to help her become a lawyer. 

In the present, Annalise gets clients to sign on to her class action case. Bonnie, still desperate to find out what Annalise is doing, eventually pieces things together and gets clients to drop out by offering them better deals. This derails Annalise's case and she enlists Connor to help her. 

Michaela and Oliver break into Tegan's computer to get information about the man Laurel's father had murdered. 

The flash forwards reveal that Asher is being held in prison as a suspect. 


How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Maybe I just made it all up that we were the same. We were both abused. We both lost babies. But maybe that's what screwed us up, too. Cause she wanted a child and I wanted to be what she wanted.


Frank: So, can we finally acknowledge that I'm just your gigolo?
Laurel: Did I ever give you the impression that you weren't?