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Laurel revealed to her father that she had an abortion and that’s why she has been missing from his life for so long.

She was then summoned to a dinner date with Annalise and the others.

We flashed back to a week before of Annalise asking her mother to visit an assisted living facility as it was time to check on her health.

Her mother was mad, and Annalise went to bed, but Bonnie shocked her with a phone call that said the insurance payout for the house was being contested by Hannah Keating.

Annalise then met the man she met earlier and introduced herself as Bonnie.

We cut to Conor confirming he did not accept Oliver’s marriage proposal and they bicker about it, but the scene ends with them making out.

Annalise then heard someone calling Desmond, and thought he had a wife, but he claimed it was his daughter.

They went to visit the centre and Annalise wound up arguing with her father about her mother’s care.

Annalise presented her case to the board and she was allowed to practice law again.

Back at the dinner party, Annalise revealed she was letting them all go … including Bonnie.

Only Conor and Laurel were happy, and the others reacted in shock to the whole thing and left.

Conor revealed to Oliver that he did not want to accept the marriage proposal because he wanted it to be because Oliver wants to.

Laurel tried to reply to her father and ask him about why he killed Wes.

In the future, Laurel’s baby is stolen, but who from?

How to Get Away with Murder
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