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Annalise invited her group to help her win the case, but she knew it was a big ask. 

Olivia told Annalise that she got what she wanted and they were playing with the big guys. This made Annalise smile and she was on a high ... until she heard Isaac had overdosed. 

Annalise spiraled as the case fell apart, but Olivia managed to talk her around without touching alcohol. 

Annalise revealed that she thought race was part of the agenda against the men, and went toe-to-toe with a judge who said race was not being spoken about. 

Michaela found his old case, and Annalise proved him wrong. 

Michaela and Marcus had sex, and she admitted the truth to everyone aside from Asher. 

Annalise's mother showed up and she had an episode right outside the courthouse which resulted in Olivia wearing the stew. 

Frank found out that Sandrine tried to pay Wes off, and he then found the USB stick with a call that found Sandrine threatening Wes. 

Simon woke up. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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