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Annalise found herself ridiculed in the courtroom thanks to her class action lawsuit and the opposing team presented a picture of her drinking Scotch. 

She said that it was planted on her car. Connor helped her get closer to the truth, but Denver helped her by getting a colleague to lie under oath. 

Asher continued to be upset about everything, but Michaela and Laurel told him the truth, and he gave both of them an ultimatum: Laurel had to tell Frank and Michaela had to get rid of her wedding dress. 

Both women followed through with their plans and proved they still had their word. 

Annalise was shocked to find a bottle of vodka in her hotel room, and went to stay at Nate's because she did not trust herself. 

Isaac's wife told Annalise the truth, but Isaac lied under oath for her to say that she was fine and that everyone should leave her alone. 

Tegan asked Michaela to plan the office party and it have Michaela the leverage she needed to take down Simon and blame him for everything. 

Connor tried to propose to Oliver, but Oliver told him he is part of a group who is trying to take down Laurel's dad. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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