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Flashback to 8 months ago.

Wes meets with Sandrine. Wes records the conversation. She talks to him about his troubles with the police.

Laurel thinks Sandrine had something to do with Wes' death.

Annalise calls them all over to tell them about Simon, but she wants to wait until Laurel is there. When they get caught up talking about Coliver's wedding, she breaks the news to them. Bonnie comes over to talk to them.

Simon request to speak to Oliver.

The detective threatens to arrest Oliver for obstruction if she senses he's feeding Simon a story. Annalise preps Oliver for the encounter.

Simon only asks Oliver if he came out to him yet. So far, he doesn't remember anything. 

Frank and Laurel go to meet Sandrine without telling Annalise and the others because Bonnie wanted to withhold the news from Annalise after the Isaac news.

Sandrine tells Wes that Laurel will break his heart. 

Laurel confronts Sandrine, but she says she would never hurt anyone Laurel loved.

Annalise meets with Nate. So far, Simon only believes it's the gay thing he talked about and accepts everything else.

Connor confronts Michaela about still talking Marcus. He urges her to be honest with Asher.

The detective interviews Michaela about words she exchanged with Simon. She tells Oliver that he needs to marry Simon to shut him up.

Annalise agrees that Simon needs to be controlled. They send Oliver in to convince Simon to hire Annalise as his lawyer, but Tegan is already representing him so that she could protect Jorge Castillo.

Bonnie thinks someone tampered with her car. She has Frank come to look at it. She thinks Jorge messed with her car.

Frank vows to get Laurel's baby back, but Laurel makes him promise not to kill anyone.

Annalise visits Isaac at the hospital. He tells her how proud of her he is about her case. It serves as a goodbye when he tells her it's the last time they can see one another. He forgives her. 

Michaela and Laurel talk about how they cheated on their loved ones and their horrible childhoods. 

Nate calls to tell Annalise that Simon remembers Laurel was at the party that night and he's giving a statement to the cops.

Michaela goes to tell Asher the truth, but he already figured it out. He blows up in an emotional outburst. 

Annalise tells them the news about Simon and Laurel. She sends Oliver back in. Michaela talks to Tegan.

Asher figures out what happened in DC between Marcus and Michaela and he confronts her about it when she's finally about to come clean.

Simon says he never saw Laurel after Annalise convinces him to be a whistleblower to stay in the country.

Bonnie figures out Denver was playing both sides. She's presumed to be in a car accident after Denver discovers she's on to him.

Laurel confronts her mother about Wes. Sandrine tells her that she was the one who tipped Denver off and it led to Wes being killed. 



How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Annalise: Simon's awake.
Michaela: Did he talk?
Connor: Can he talk?

Sandrine: I'll pay you, Christophe.
Wes: Pay me for what?
Sandrine: To stop seeing Laurel.