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Annalise pressed on with her lawsuit, but she realized her money was going to come to a close if she did not get some work. 

She decided to help out Soraya, who was still trying to settle with her husband. This meant she had to work with Michaela at Caplan & Gold. The two women bickered, but in the end they found that Soraya's husband was planning on leaving her months before the divorce. 

They got a $1 million settlement and that was that. 

Michaela slept with Frank after coming off of her medication and it further complicated their relationship. 

Bonnie went to Isaac to pose as a new patient, but did Isaac know the truth?

Connor got annoyed when his father told him to dump Oliver because they are not right for each other, and it seemed like Connor agreed. 

Oliver was in the flashforward at Caplan & Gold and there's blood everywhere. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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