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Nate, Bonnie, and Annalise listen to the voicemail Miller left for the warden and the ladies question whether or not Miller was guilty. Nate vows to prove that he was. 

Asher tells Annalise that the rest of the group knows what really happened to Miller and they all agree that they won't say anything. 

Tegan tries to move forward with the wrongful death suit but gets pushback from Michaela. Eventually, Annalise tells her that Nate is more interested in a criminal case. When she talks to Michaela and company, they lie to her and say Nate isn't ready for any new fights right now. 

Laurel confronts Bonnie about what Christopher may have seen in regards to Miller's death. 

Nate confronts one of the jury members in his father's inquest who tells him that the jurors received proof that his father's DNA was on the prison guards gun. 

Annalise handles Emmett's misconduct case involving his former client, Nora. His boss, Jensen, wants Emmett to admit wrongdoing in an attempt to keep the firm from going bankrupt. However, Emmett turns the tables on Jensen and makes him take the fall for giving Nora the advice to sell her genetic info. 

Nate meets with the FBI, who take a sample of his DNA. 

Bonnie attempts to kill herself but Frank finds her. 

The FBI discovers through Nate's DNA that his father did not touch the prison guards gun, thus realizing that the information the jurors received was doctored. The FBI arrests Gabriel, as he had a connection to Miller and he calls Annalise from prison. 


How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

I ain't the bad guy here. He is.


Nate: Fine. Y'all want proof? I'll go get it.
Annalise: Stop.
Nate: I didn't kill an innocent man.