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Flashbacks show that Xavier met with Nate Senior to get him to fire Annalise as his counsel but he declined. Xavier then went to Miller and offered to bankroll his campaign to run for DA if he helped him bring down Annalise. 

In present day, Telesco goes to Gabriel and tells him that he needs to turn on Annalise or his mother will go to jail for the death of her ex-boyfriend. 

Emmett is arrested and Annalise goes to represent him. But she is forced to resign when the FBI play the recording of her and Tegan in Emmett's office discussing his guilt. Later, Tegan gets him released when she admits to being Jane Doe and they provide more evidence as to why the Castillo's would want to frame Emmett. 

Gabriel asks for Michaela's help with Telesco and tells her that Laurel was offered an immunity deal. The students all turn on Laurel, as she hadn't told them about meeting with Telesco, and Laurel tries to prove to them that she was never going to turn on them by showing that she kept the blanket with Miller's blood on it. 

Fearing Telesco, the students decide to go behind Laurel's back and Asher shows them the hair that was sent to Laurel. He tells the FBI that Laurel met with Telesco fearing for her mother's safety and now she is potentially dead. This gets Telesco fired. 

Frank threatens the officer who killed Nate Senior and she tells him that Xavier is the one who ordered the hit. He later tells her that she needs to tell Bonnie that Miller is the person who ordered the hit. 

Annalise and Laurel go to Xavier and tell him that the FBI is coming for him and they also reveal that Miller tried to thwart Xavier's plan to get Nate Senior killed. After they leave, Xavier calls the governor. 

The Governor goes on television and names Emmett as a person of interest. 

At the office, Emmett collapses. 

While walking down a crowded street with Annalise, Laurel disappears. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Michaela: What did Annalise say?
Laurel: Just that she hates me. Understandable really.

Everyone's dead. Nate's father. Wes. They're all dead because of you!

Annalise [to Laurel]