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Annalise goes to see Gabriel at the prison and he tells her that Miller approached him to get information on her. 

Nate and Frank look through Miller's phone records and try to find a link between him and the governor. 

In court, Gabriel is charged with domestic terrorism and bail is set at one million dollars. 

In an attempt to keep Tegan off their back, Oliver sends an email to her outing her as Jane Doe and an FBI informant. The email is later put onto Emmet's radar. 

Bonnie visits Miller's mother and tries to find out if he had a connection to the governor. 

The FBI offers to give Gabriel full immunity if he works with them to bring down Annalise. 

Back in court, Annalise is able to get the charges against Gabriel dropped once the team uncovers that after the FBI arrested Gabriel, they planted evidence in his apartment. 

Nate discovers that Miller reached out to the woman from children and youth that Annalise talked to in the past in regards to adopting Wes. 

Annalise meets with Gabriel and tells him that the governor had Nate Sr. killed and asks him to help plant information about Miller and the governor to the FBI, which he does. 

Nate sends an anonymous tip to the police and they find Miller's body and the FBI goes to the governor's house. 

The students discover that Connor's mom posted a picture of her and Asher on her Instagram that shows Miller and Nate together at the wedding.  


How to Get Away with Murder
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