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Annalise prepares for her first day of trial, after instructing Bonnie to strike a deal with Hannah to testify against the Castillo’s and the governor.

AUSA Lennox requests that Tegan be removed as Annalise’s counsel, as Laurel takes the stand against Annalise. Ultimately, Annalise accepts the request and becomes her own counsel.

Hannah agrees to testify but wants Annalise to sign an NDA. If Annalise tells anyone about Frank, she will be liable for 100 million dollars. She eventually decides to sign the deal, but Hannah comes back with another request that should Annalise win, she has to admit she killed Sam.

Nate goes to Jorge in prison and tells him he should testify against the governor.

On the stand, Michaela tells the court that Annalise ordered Wes to kill Sam because they were sleeping together. When Connor gets on the stand, he corroborates what Michaela said.

Frank meets with Laurel but is unable to convince her to not testify against Annalise. Later, she and Frank meet with her and beg her not to testify.

While on the stand, Laurel ultimately admits that she’s been lying and Lanford told her what to say on the stand.

Annalise decides to sign Hannah’s deal.

After Xavier’s body us found, Nate goes back to Jorge alleging that the governor was behind his death, and again asks him to testify against her.

Hannah is found dead, allegedly by suicide, and it is revealed Bonnie told Frank about Sam and Hannah being his parents.

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Bonnie: Are you sure?
Annalise: It's Hannah. No way in hell she lets the world see who she really is.

Annalise: We turn Hannah to our side.
Bonnie: This is too risky.
Annalise: It's my trial. I say what's too risky.