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The students come back to their house, high, and Michaela gets a mysterious phone call. She answers a FaceTime from Laurel who tells them she's not the mole. 

A flashback to twelve hours earlier shows the students in class with Annalise who is saying goodbye to them before they graduate. 

Oliver gets Asher, Connor, and Michaela mushrooms to do and they take them, while Annalise and Tegan attend a holiday party. 

News breaks that the FBI has an anonymous source that is leading them to connect Annalise to criminal wrongdoing and "Operation Bonfire."

Frank confronts Gabriel, who insists he's not the mole, while Nate goes to Annalise and the two argue. Afterward, Annalise decides to leave town under a new identity. 

Catching up to the flashforward, Laurel reveals she and Christopher are okay and Tegan helped them escape. 

After debating who the mole could be, Michaela realizes that it's Asher, as he is the only one who isn't high and keeps pointing the finger at others. He admits to being the mole and tells them that the FBI threatened to put his mother in prison. 

Oliver hits him over the head with a poker stick, but it does not kill him. Asher tells them that the way out is to bring Annalise down. 

Asher leaves the house while everyone is preoccupied and shows up at Bonnie's. She immediately calls Frank. 

Later, the police arrest Connor and Michaela in connection to Asher's death, as it's shown that Asher has been hit over the head and killed in the hallway of his apartment building. 

Annalise's funeral is shown again, with a mysterious person in the crowd of mourners. The person is revealed to be Wes. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Frank: Promise me this isn't all about breaking up me and Laurel.
Annalise: Oh, shut up.
Frank: I deserve love, Annalise, like everyone else.
Annalise: Bonnie deserves love. Whether it's with you isn't up to you or me.

Michaela: Are you the mole?
Laurel: No! It wasn't me. I swear. I would never turn you guys in, okay? But, obviously, someone else did.