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Annalise said it was time to get revenge on the rest of the world after everything that happened. 

She decided to get a restraining order against the Castillos so that they couldn't do anything to her. 

However, she had to spar with Solomon in court over it. The restraining order was granted, and Annalise got a new identity with a lot of passports. 

Bonnie was fired after Cora tattled on Nate for what he was doing. 

Bonnie then told Conner that she was the one who hired him because she saw a lot of herself in him. 

She worried about him and they both came to an understanding. 

Frank tried to get Bonnie to agree to run away with him to Oregon, but Bonnie said he was high. In the end, she said no. 

Asher flipped out on his family when his mother said he was to blame. 

He ultimately returned to Michaela's arms and the two had sex. 

Gabriel kept trying to get close to Michaela but she pushed him away after she realized that he was feeding information to Annalise. 

In the future, Asher arrived at Bonnie's house with blood on him. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Oh, wow. You guys really are poor.


Tegan: Did Annalise have anything to do with this?
Bonnie: No.
Tegan: Great, then I only need to fire one person today.
Bonnie: This is between you and Nate.
Tegan: Get your shady ass out of my firm.