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Gunshots ring outside the courthouse, before time flashback to the night before when Annalise and Tegan found out that Hannah was dead.

Frank kidnaps Hannah’s lawyer and has him go through her safety deposit box.

Jorge gets on the stand at Annalise’s trial and says that he never worked with the Governor. Later, the Governor takes the stand, and Annalise plays a recording Frank recovered from Hannah that had a conversation between Hannah and Xavier discussing the Governor’s role in Nate Sr.’s death.

The FBI offers Nate twenty million dollars to make sure he testifies against Annalise.

Frank gives Gabriel a suitcase full of money and asks him not to testify against Annalise.

The FBI offers Connor a new plea deal with just probation. He later deduces that Oliver went to the FBI and planned to be a surprise witness in exchange for Connor’s deal.

On the stand, Nate calls out the FBI for trying to bribe him.

After closing arguments, Annalise is found not guilty. Outside the courtroom, Frank appears and shots the Governor dead. Bonnie tries to stop him, and she and Frank are both shot and killed.

A flashforward shows Annalise’s funeral, which is set in the distant future. Eve speaks, and Laurel, Connor, and Oliver are shown in the crowd, along with Laurel’s son, Christopher.

Christopher is shown to be a law professor at Middleton just like his mentor, Annalise.

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Bonnie: I just wanted a family.
Laurel: Me too.

Laurel: You know, I always hoped you two would end up together.
Bonnie: So you don't hate yourself so much for abandoning him?
Laurel: Probably.