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Annalise takes off her makeup and trashes her clothes before walking the streets of Mexico.

Connor and Michaela are booked for Asher’s murder. Oliver confesses to killing Asher and then is also booked.

Bonnie confronts Tegan about helping Laurel disappear, and she tells her that Laurel blackmailed her. She denies having helped Annalise disappear.

The FBI meets with Gabriel about Asher’s death, and he denies killing him.

Flashbacks reveal the hours leading up to Asher’s death, after his confrontation with Michaela, Connor, and Oliver. Asher first went to Bonnie’s and tried to record her incriminating herself. Bonnie realized what was happening and had Frank bring him home. He tried to get Frank to incriminate himself, but he leaves.

After breaking his phone, Asher offers Gabriel the $64,000 check for his phone. Later, Gabriel is shown to have the check in his possession.

At the bail hearing, Michaela and Connor are denied bail, and the charges against Oliver are dropped.

The FBI offers both Michaela and Connor an immunity deal in exchange for their testimony against Annalise. They both agree to the deal, but each stipulates that the other get the same deal as them.

Annalise meets a mysterious person who is supposed to take her to her next destination, but she backs out at the last minute. A few moments later, she is picked up by the police and arrested.

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Tegan: Where's Annalise?
Bonnie: Gone.
Tegan: I'm sorry?
Bonnie: She's gone. That's also why I'm here. I'm here to see if you helped her disappear like you did Laurel. Don't! I know it was you, so if you did that same thing for Annalise...
Tegan: I didn't!
Bonnie: How can I believe that?
Tegan: Laurel blackmailed me, that's why I helped her. Because she threatened to tell Jorge I was the Jane Doe that got him put away. Who they hell told you any of this?

Frank: Oliver just confessed.
Bonnie: What?
Frank: As soon as I got here, he went crazy.