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Cam is eating breakfast at his grandmother’s house.  Cam becomes Rene’s slave.  He calls his Japanese connection and tells him that they will deliver the shirts by the end of the day.

Cam tells Ben that he thinks Rene stole the truck for insurance claim purposes.

Ben meets with Julie and tells her that he can’t go to the wedding because he has to go to a meeting with Cam.

Ben and Cam meet with Rene and beg him for the shirts. He tells them to never bring it up again or they will be them senseless.

Ben runs into his old friend Fredo who has become a bit crazy.

Cam is sleeping when Rene wakes him up and takes him to an abandoned parking lot.  Rene lied to him and did steal the truck for insurance purposes, but makes Cam blow it up first before giving him his shirts.

The next day Ben and Cam meet with the Tokyo reps and cash in. They are already making their plans for their next big steps.

Rachel wakes up naked in bed with Ben and tries to sneak out. She ends up leaving awkwardly.  On her way out she calls Eddie to meet her at the hotel.

Rachel tells Eddie and Daren that she is out of the whole deal. She also tells Eddie that she quits working for her. Before she walks out she tells Daren that she slept with Ben.

Rachel meets with Ben and tells him that she is going to take some time off of work and travel. Things are very good between them.

How To Make It In America
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How To Make It In America Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

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