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Ben is leaving a party to go home to be prepared for their meeting with the pattern maker the next morning while Cam goes home with a lady.  The next morning, Cam is late, but they are able to make the meeting anyway.

The pattern maker tells them that they need $1500 in order to get a layout. Ben and Cam can’t come up with the money so Ben goes to meet with his father to ask him. 

Meanwhile, the marketing for Rasta Monsta is terrible. Rene goes to meet with the company. They tell him that they can’t shell out any more money for Rasta Monsta’s - if he wants more local advertising, he would need to do it on his own.

Rene heads to local big shots and agrees to give 4.25% for their help in advertising in the community the energy drink.  After the meeting, Rene heads back to the company exec’s and tells them that he wants full operations for Rasta Monsta in North America and agrees to give them back their full investment.

Rachel meets with an old friend from college who is now single handedly stopping the spread of AIDS in Africa. This news make Rachel rethink her life profession and gets knocked in the head with some sense by her boss. Her job of redecorating is just as important as fighting AIDS in some illogical way.

Ben and Cam meet up and Ben tells Cam that he wasn’t able to ask his father for the money. He believes this will work and handed over the $1500 that he had for his rent to cover their patter fee. Cam tells Ben not to worry and to pay his rent.  He went uptown to a snooty private school and ended up selling the Fredo decks to uptown kids to cover their $1500 pattern fee. 

How To Make It In America
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How To Make It In America Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I think that you've given enough humm ding in your life to join us for lunch.


You're friend has been telling me bad jokes the whole time and calls it crazy chemistry.

Girl that Cam is hitting on