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Ben is watching his friend at the park do yoga.  He tries to have a conversation about Rachel’s birthday. He finds out that her current boyfriend won’t be there.

Ben calls David and invites him to go out with him - he happily accepts.

Meanwhile, Rachel invites Ben out for her birthday dinner.  Just before she gets off the phone with Ben, Daren calls and tells her that he will be able to make it for her party. Rachel clicks back to Ben and tells him that Daren will in fact be there. Ben still says that he will go.

Ben tries to get out of hanging with David when David comments to Ben that he is not flaking on him. Ben agrees to meet David outside the Avenue at eleven.

They end up going out and having a great time. Ben decides to leave a bit early and see if he can still wish Rachel a happy birthday. David and Cam stay to party it up in the club.

Rachel’s party is a success and she is quite happy with Daren in her life. Eddie is in love with him and can’t be happier for Rachel.

Ben gives Rachel a bag of cheese doodles because he wanted to say happy birthday to her in person. She happily accepts them and then they depart.

David and Cam roll up in his Bentley to pick him up and continue the party.

How To Make It In America
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How To Make It In America Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You wanna roll tonight, for reels!?


People don't call their exes when they are moving on - its counter productive.